Range Layout

This is the finished range layout. In total it will be a comprehensive range covering all disciplines of the shooting sports. The range itself occupies about 15 acres but is laid out on over 460 acres of total land. This gives us a great advantage over any encroachment by development that could have a negative effect on our operation.

When the range is finished we will have 12 private berms, a 50 yard range with 11 stations, a 100 yard range with 20 stations, and a 500 yard range with 5 stations, 7 Trap fields, 2 5-Stand Sporting fields, a 24-station Sporting Clays field and an Archery Range with 21 stations.

This project will be built out over a number of years. The speed by which it will be done and in what order will be determined by the membership’s needs.

range layout

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