Pumpkin Shoot

pumpkin shoot


All teams should pre-register before the 1st of November. Each team must check in at the registration table on the day of the event. Check in will start at 10:00am with shooting starting at 11:00am.

A team will consist of two people; both do not have to be members for the member price.

This event will be fired with pistols in the standing position with any caliber 9mm or larger. Each team member will fire at least 6 shots and no more than 10 shots. This will be done with each team member firing one shot and then the other member one shot till all shots have been fired.

The distance from the firing line to the pumpkin will be a mere 20-30 feet.

Only pistols with iron sights will be allowed; no scopes or electronic sights.

All team members must wear ear and eye protection for the event.

Anyone who wants to compete but does not have a second person to make up a team is welcome. We will try to match them up with other singles on the day of the event.

To win the event, a team will be judged to have made the best face in their pumpkin. This will be decided by an independent panel of judges who will set their own criteria for best face with 1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd place winners.

To pre-register click on the registration button or call (303) 769-4377

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