Poker Shoot

poker shoot



The Poker Shoot will be fired with a rifle in the benchrest position. Only the contestant’s body is allowed to touch the bench. No part of the rifle or any accessories of the rifle can touch the bench.

Each contestant will be allowed five (5) shots at their target which will have 52 playing cards + joker on it.

The event will be based on the scoring of 5-card stud poker. The poker hand will be determined by the official poker rules according to Hoyle. Best hand wins.

The distance from the firing line to the target is 50 yards.

Only rifles with a caliber smaller than .50cal will be allowed.

If the bullet hole breaks the card line it will count for that card.

All contestants must wear ear and eye protection for the event.

After the contestant fires all five shots, the judge will inspect the target to determine the poker hand. The results of the poker hand will be recorded and the winning hand will be announced. The judges decision is final.

Each contestant must check in at the registration table on the day of the event ( March 13, 2022). Check in will start at 10:00am and shooting will start at 11:00pm.

To pre-register click on the registration button or call (303) 769-4377
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