About Us

About USThis range is veteran owned by veterans from the Viet Nam and Desert Storm Wars.

We decided to build a range that would cover all disciplines of the shooting sports: pistol, shotgun, and rifle and all aspects of competitions. We also wanted it to be family friendly and an environment for learning and fun for all levels of shooters. To make this come true, we had to make sure that we would have one of the best facilities in the state and all the surrounding states and the most comprehensive range. To accomplish this we got the best information possible by going to the NRA Range Conferences and getting the top experts from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) to work with us in the fields of design, lead management and operations. This told us that the range needed to be less than an hour from Denver and on a major highway with no chance of encroachment for a very long time.

We also knew that we would have to have a top ranked staff to make all of this happen so we got the best training possible from the NRA and the NSSF. What this relates to is anyone who wears a staff shirt is a certified instructor certified Range Safety Officer by the NRA and most have combat medical training or other medical training. We have three NRA Training Counselors on staff who teach instructors for the NRA. One of the owners is a Range Technical Team Advisor for the NRA. This entails him going out and solving problems that ranges have on behalf of the NRA.

This will be our continuing goal.

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